Hospice Alliance is educated in COVID-19 guidelines and infection control and monitors guidance from state, federal and local officials regularly. We strive to meet or exceed CDC recommended procedures to provide the best level of protection for our patients, employees, volunteers and our community.

Hospice Alliance staff are experts in managing symptoms commonly experienced near the end of life, including symptoms of COVID-19.

Our employees and volunteers follow the most up-to-date recommendations in the management of the COVID-19 infection, and patient safety remains a top priority in everything we do.

All visitors to our Hospice House are required to wear a mask and masks are recommended in our Hospice Alliance Business office. Anyone with cold, flu, or other respiratory symptoms are asked not to visit, for the well-being of patients, staff, and guests alike. Masks are provided for individuals who do not have one. Hand sanitizing stations are available at entrances and multiple locations throughout our buildings.

Hospice Alliance works with individual facilities to safely enter and care for patients, allowing for symptom management and care planning.

Hospice Alliance staff follows CDC guidelines for transmission-based precautions and uses personal protective equipment properly.

Hospice Alliance continues to review COVID-19 recommendations and best practices, and make changes as needed. If you have questions call 262-652-4400 for more information.

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