Memory Bears and Memory Pillows

Made from fabric that reminds you of your loved one (for example, a favorite article of clothing), your family will receive two complimentary Memory Bears OR two Memory Pillows from Hospice Alliance. Our generous and talented volunteers handcraft these memorable keepsakes for each family that has had a loved one in our care.

If you are interested in receiving a complimentary Memory Bear or for more information, please contact Beth, our Volunteer Manager at (262) 652-4482 ext. 1258 or

Memory bear keepsakes - red, white and blue
Memory pillow keepsakes - Sports theme and Grandpa
Memory pillow keepsakes - colored stripes
Memory bear keepsakes - plaid
Memory bear keepsakes - Packers

Personalized Quilt Square

Upon request, each family receives a quilt square to decorate in honor of your loved one who passed in the care of Hospice Alliance.

Paint, embroider, stencil, stitch, draw or embellish your square any way you choose! When enough squares have been returned to us, our volunteer quilter stitches them together into a beautiful quilt honoring those who have touched our lives.

Hospice Alliance proudly displays these quilts in our Hospice House. You and your family are welcome to view the quilt you helped create!

If you are interested in a square for a Hospice Alliance Hospice House quilt, please contact Beth Dillon, Volunteer Coordinator at (262) 652-4482 ext. 1258 or

bear and quilt V4

Memory Thumbprints

Many families we support appreciate thumbprint keepsakes to hold while remembering their loved one. The first is complimentary, and additional thumbprints for family and friends are a small fee of $4. This donation goes back into our not-for-profit mission, supporting others in Southeastern, WI.

The process is as simple as gently placing their thumb into a warm and pliable piece of clay. A ribbon loop is added, and the clay is then baked to harden. Each thumbprint is kept individually in a Hospice Alliance blue mesh bag for safekeeping, secured with a note reminding those grieving of the treasure of memories.

Thumbprint keepsakes
Thumbprint keepsakes in blue mesh bag with note: "When someone becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."

Heartbeat Recordings

Heartbeat recording keepsakes are our newest remembrance offering at Hospice Alliance. In July of 2023, the generous members of the Rotary Club of Kenosha West chose to support our mission with a grant for this project. 💙

Our Music Therapist, Heidi, will record our patient's heartbeat with a special stethoscope and upload it to her computer to be emailed or put on a CD. If the family would like, the heartbeat can be combined with a meaningful song. It can be a song the patient loved, or one the family loved together. The family can also choose to create their own song, and is welcome to be involved in the recording either way. If the patient is able to be part of the process, this option is available, as well.

If the family isn't sure about creating a song yet, their loved one's heartbeat can still be recorded to cherish as is, or to create something with in the future.

Keepsake heartbeat recording and Heidi our Music Therapist