Many people find group support sessions, where they can interact with others going through the grieving process, most beneficial. Hospice Alliance offers a variety of group support formats, from regularly scheduled sessions with a set group of people, to informal drop-in sessions.

Six-Week Support Groups

Offered four times each year, our six-week series of one-hour discussions are facilitated by a professional Hospice Alliance Grief/Bereavement Counselor. You do not need to have had a loved one in our care to attend this support group. Groups are limited to 10 people or less and registration is required.

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To Register:

When: Third Tuesday of Each Month
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Drop-In Support Groups

For people unable to commit to a six-week series, Hospice Alliance offers drop-in grief support groups. You may attend just one session or whenever one is offered, typically near the November/December holidays.

Social Support Group Lunch

If you would enjoy a casual interaction with others who are also facing grief, attend a Social Support Group Lunch. Typically hosted at a local restaurant on a Sunday afternoon, these lunches are facilitated by volunteers and often result in long-standing friendships. Participants do not need to have had a loved one in Hospice Alliance care to participate. Attendees purchase their own lunches.

Non-Traditional Support Groups

Focusing on the mind, body and spirit, and appealing to those who are looking to explore their grief through innovative therapies, Hospice Alliance offers one-time grief groups, featuring meditation, Aromatherapy, Dance/Movement therapy and journaling.

More Grief Resources

Hospice Alliance provides contact information for “grief specific” groups, including loss of a child and children and adolescents who have lost a loved one. To identify a support organization that best fits your needs, contact the Hospice Alliance Grief/Bereavement Team.

Contact our grief/bereavement team at:
Jennifer Sytkowski : 262.652.4482 ext.

Marge Puntarec: 262.652.4482 ext. 1294