Hospice Alliance employees are the heart and soul of our organization. We are passionate about providing exceptional hospice and palliative care. We find joy in our work. We are honored to serve our patients and educate our community about end of life care.

It’s not surprising that each Hospice Alliance employee personally commits to upholding CARE, which stands for:


  • Be courteous and respectful to all
  • Show care and compassion in everything we do and say
  • Listen with care and seek to understand others’ needs
  • Value the uniqueness and diversity of others


  • Keep our word and deliver on commitments
  • Give others the attention they deserve; strive to exceed expectations
  • Deliver quality and value
  • Hold ourselves and others accountable


  • Give grace to yourself and others
  • Be humble and grateful
  • Be mindful of how things are said


  • Inspire a positive workplace by recognizing and supporting each other
  • Communicate openly, respectfully and honestly


  • Connect with others and nurture trusting relationships
  • Solve problems quickly or find someone who can


  • Share knowledge and empower innovation
  • Embrace change and commit to continuous improvement
  • Develop yourself and encourage development in others