Is the Hospice Alliance hospice program Medicare certified?

Yes, Hospice Alliance earned Medicare certification in 1981. This means our program meets all federal requirements for patient care and management.

Is the Hospice Alliance program licensed?

Yes, Hospice Alliance has been licensed by the state of Wisconsin since 1981.

How does care begin with Hospice Alliance?

Hospice care may begin as soon as a formal request or “referral” is certified by the patient’s doctor. See eligibility requirements.

A Hospice Alliance Admissions Specialist (nurse or medical social worker) will make every effort to visit the patient on the day the referral is made, providing that meets the needs and schedule of the patient and family caregiver. Our specialists will make visits at the hospital, prior to discharge, or at the patient’s home or long-term care facility. Once eligibility is verified, care may begin immediately.

Is a care plan carefully developed for each patient and their family?

Hospice Alliance believes in patient-centered care with the patient’s wishes and desires being at the forefront of our care planning process. We use patient care circles with assigned interdisciplinary team members and a circle lead. This gives us great continuity for patients assigned within each Circle or Care.

During biweekly interdisciplinary team meeting, care plans are updated, based on patient wishes as determined through comprehensive assessment by our RNs, social workers, and chaplains. Our medical directors are also actively involved in the care planning process to ensure the best possible medical care. In 2015, Hospice Alliance earned prestigious Hospice Honors elite recognition exceptional quality of care, as determined by responses to post-care surveys completed by patient families.

What are the hospice’s policies regarding inpatient care? Where is such care provided?

Through our Palliative Care and Hospice Care programs, Hospice Alliance provides the physical, emotional, spiritual, and education necessary to stabilize patients who have a frequent exacerbation of symptoms, including short-term crisis care. However, in the event that short-term general inpatient care is needed, Hospice Alliance has long-standing relationships with all major healthcare systems and skilled nursing facilities in our area, including Aurora Healthcare and United Healthcare.

Patients who wish to receive end-of-life care in a home-like setting, but who do not have family caregivers to assist them to stay safely in their own homes may be cared for in a Hospice Alliance Hospice House.

Is there a 24-hour telephone number you can call?

Hospice Alliance is available “on call” 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A nurse will return your call within 10-15 minutes, any time of day or night, including weekends and holidays. This service is not just for emergencies. Anytime you have a question or concern, please call.

262-652-4400 (local calls)

Adapted from Hospice Net