How do I become a Volunteer?

All volunteers complete 9 hours of online training, followed by an orientation session with the volunteer coordinator. The training features education on the Hospice Philosophy of Care, the History of Hospice Alliance and topics, such as death and dying, grieving and family dynamics. All Hospice Alliance Volunteers are required to go through training. This education oftentimes allows volunteers to choose how they would like to spend time with us and feel comfortable and confident in their roles.

What type of commitment does volunteering involve?

To volunteer for Hospice Alliance, volunteers must complete 9 hours of educational training. After training, each volunteer meets with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine the best and most comfortable fit.

Some volunteers prefer a set schedule, committing to specific times and specific days of the week. Others prefer to be called “as needed,” based on the role they find most fulfilling. “As needed” volunteers include Vigil Volunteers, who sit with patients at the end of life, so no patient passes away alone. Others prefer to share their knowledge at community outreach events or help to coordinate special events just once per year.

Many of our volunteers are snowbirds, taking a hiatus in the winter time, and many are busy with families so their availability fluctuates. If a person is interested in giving of his or her time, we will determine a way to make the experience rewarding.

What type of things will I be asked to do?

Hospice Alliance volunteers do all sorts of important tasks! Some volunteers who enjoy spending time with patients will schedule visits to simply keep the patient company and perhaps read a book aloud. Others, whose skills lay in office work and organizing assist in medical records or bereavement. Some who enjoy event planning or crafts work with the marketing department on major annual events or scheduling time for outreach at a local assisted living.

The opportunities to benefit our patients (either through direct contact or simply supporting the mission without patient interaction) are endless. We enjoy working closely with our volunteers to identify their special niche.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering, or would like further information.