Gifts can be directed to: Hospice Alliance Foundation, 10220 Prairie Ridge Blvd., Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158.
EIN # 39-1822945

Give a Legacy Gift

By giving a legacy gift, you will be helping ensure that Hospice Alliance can continue to provide compassionate end-of-life care to all in our community, regardless of ability to pay.

Hospice Alliance would be unable to sustain caring for patients at end-of-life or for the families that support them without donor support. Here are some ways which your gift will be helping our mission of adding life to days:

  • Ensure compassionate care and support for individuals, their families, our communities, volunteers, and employees
  • Expand bereavement services and educational programming to the community
  • Grow and strengthen our available services and Complementary Therapies
  • Honor Veterans by accompanying and guiding them through their life stories

Gift planning should be part of your overall estate plan, which is designed to provide critical financial resources for you and your family and to also identify how you wish to provide a permanent legacy for Hospice Alliance. It is important that you work with a trusted estate planner such as an attorney, accountant or financial advisor.

It will also be helpful to talk with a donations expert to confirm that your wishes are clear and achievable. Please contact Megan Frazer at or (262)652-4482 x 1253.


Your Will / Bequests

The cornerstone of your estate plan is a properly written will. Your will allows you to make a gift to Hospice Alliance without tapping into your personal assets during your lifetime.

There are several ways to include Hospice Alliance in your will:

  • You may identify a percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount or asset you wish to give.
  • Bequests


Bequests are a form of planned giving where a donor promises a gift to The Foundation in their will or planned trust. The purpose of this type of giving is to provide an opportunity to help support Hospice Alliance, even if donating or gift giving was not possible during one’s own lifetime.

Types of Bequests:

Specific Bequest:
A gift of property or a specific monetary amount of which has a discernable source. For example, $50,000 will go to Hospice Alliance from Mr. Smith’s primary savings account.

General Bequest:
A gift that is taken from the general assets of the donor. For example, $50,000 will go to Hospice Alliance from Mr. Smith’s general estate.

Residual Bequest:
A gift where the remaining balance of the donor’s assets benefit Hospice Alliance once all other beneficiaries have received their designated amounts.

Contingent Bequest:
A gift that is dependent on specific events or circumstances to happen in order for Hospice Alliance to receive the bequest. For example, Mr. Smith’s vacation home will go to his brother. If his brother is no longer alive at the time of Mr. Smith’s death, then the vacation home will go to the Hospice Alliance Foundation.

Why set up a bequest?

Along with having a large impact on the services that Hospice Alliance provides to the community, there are several other benefits to making a bequest to the Hospice Alliance Foundation:

  • It is very simple to set up a bequest and make a big difference.
  • The gift can be changed at any time in case life’s plans change.
  • The gift offers tax deductions and tax relief for your family.
  • With your support, The Hospice Alliance Foundation can continue expanding and growing its services to patients, their loved ones, and the surrounding community.
  • This planned gift will leave a legacy that your family and the community can appreciate and enjoy for years to come!

Let’s get started!

In order to make a bequest, you first need to establish a current will or planned trust. With your will, a simple statement such as the one below is sufficient to begin planning your bequest:

“I, [your name], give, devise and bequeath to the Hospice Alliance Foundation [written amount, percentage of the estate, or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.”

When setting up a planned gift, you may decide between the different types of bequests to give a specific monetary amount, a property, or a percentage of your estate to the Foundation. Many different kinds of assets can be included in a bequest to Hospice Alliance:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Tangible Property
  • Real Estate
  • Life Insurance Policies

A bequest to the Hospice Alliance Foundation is an easy way to set up a legacy that your family and the community can cherish in the future! If setting up a legacy through the Hospice Alliance Foundation is appealing to you, your professional adviser can help you decide what options work best for you.

If you choose to include Hospice Alliance in your will, it is important that you use the full legal name and street address, as follows:
Hospice Alliance Foundation
10220 Prairie Ridge Blvd.
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158


Life Insurance

Life insurance may be an easy way to make a legacy gift to Hospice Alliance. To do so, you would simply name Hospice Alliance as a beneficiary of an existing insurance policy.

As with a will, you may give a percent of the value of the policy or the entire policy. If you have an existing policy that is no longer needed you may want to consider transferring the ownership of the policy to Hospice Alliance. If the policy premiums are paid in full there is no cost to you or Hospice Alliance and you may be eligible for an income tax deduction. We recommend that you discuss any potential tax benefits with your financial advisor.There are other ways to use life insurance as a part of legacy gift planning. You may discuss the options with your financial advisor, attorney or a representative from the Hospice Alliance Foundation.

Qualified Retirement Plans

Using a qualified retirement plan asset, such as a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Keogh, TIAA/CREF or other pension plan may provide assets for leaving a legacy gift in your name.

Since, after your death, these assets are heavily taxed when transferred to anyone other than your spouse, greatly diminishing the value,you may prefer to name Hospice Alliance as a beneficiary of a portion of your remaining plan assets. This enables you to make a charitable gift - free of estate and income taxes.


Endowments may be established by you, your family or your business to honor one or more loved ones. A minimum gift of $25,000 is required to establish an endowment fund.

Once in place, these funds become part of the Hospice Alliance Foundation endowment program and are managed carefully to provide in perpetuity an annual income for a program of special interest to you or the person being honored.