At Hospice Alliance, we understand that not all hospices have the same mission, and choosing a hospice care provider may seem difficult. When seeking hospice care for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to choose the one that is the best fit for you and your family. When making this important decision, you may want to consult your healthcare providers, your family and neighbors. And when the time comes, communicate your specific request to your physician.

What makes hospice alliance the #1 choice in southeastern Wisconsin:

Our commitment to our patients and their families:

  • Hospice Alliance is a non-profit, community-based provider of hospice and palliative care committed to supporting patients in living each day with dignity, comfort and hope.
  • Nearly 35 years ago, Hospice Alliance was founded by a group of hospice-care advocates who were determined to ensure that quality, end-of-life care and family support were available to residents of southeastern Wisconsin.
  • A pioneering organization in 1981, Hospice Alliance continues to provide innovative care techniques and therapies. Our Complementary Therapies are continuously refined and expanded. They currently include: Aromatherapy, Art Therapy, Benevolent Touch Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy and Pet Therapy.
  • We offer a circle of care including medical directors, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains, certified nursing assistants, bereavement team, volunteers and therapists.
  • The entire staff of Hospice Alliance resides in the communities we serve.
  • Hospice Alliance is the only provider of a “Hospice House” in Southeastern Wisconsin. This home-like residential care facilities provide 24/7 care for patients. While some patients spend their entire time with Hospice Alliance in one of our house, others begin their time with us at their home, and move to one of our Hospice House, if necessary.
  • A stable of dedicated volunteers to provide respite care and most notably, Vigil Volunteers who hold “vigil” with a dying patient, typically when family or friends are unavailable, so that no one dies alone.
  • A bereavement team offering customized support services for patient families, including one-to-one sessions and numerous social groups and guided support workshops.
  • Hospice Alliance is an active supporter and member of organizations and agencies in the communities we serve.
  • Recipient of back-to-back Hospice Honors awards, elevating to “elite” status in 2015.

Our commitment to our community:

  • Hospice Alliance is an active supporter and member of organizations and agencies in the communities we serve.
  • Consistently a community resource, Hospice Alliance provides education, bereavement and grief services to individuals and groups throughout our service area.
  • Hospice Alliance offers education and grief support to area businesses.
  • Hospice Alliance’s speakers bureau offers a variety of educational and informational programs on topics such as Hospice Care, Grief and “hot topics” such as advanced planning, Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia and more.

Contact Hospice Alliance

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness or you are simply seeking more information, please contact our Admissions Department.